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My inspiration always goes creeping back to my childhood to the age of about five.

To skipping carefree across the lawn. For drawing a picture just because I loved the feeling of the pencil on the page. To discovering tiny treasures around the place, not caring how much the object was worth but just loving it as it was. Sitting pure and simply on my hand.

I guess where I am going in my thoughts is to a place of carefree daydreams where no voices of judgement I can hear. A magical place not bothered about the outside world, where I can do as a please. This is the most creative land of all. Here on this island new hidden ideas can be uncovered, the dust blown away and the real diamonds found.

How do I get to this island I hear you ask? It's directions I can find at the most peculiar times. My brain being like a very beautiful old library. Each leather book holds a memory or vision of the past. A glance, touch or smell of nostalgia takes me to this library. It pulls out the magical old book, opens it on a particular page.

There in front of me is my IDEA!