Beautifully broken

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Occasionally I have difficulty explaining my art form. Am I a photographer, artist, designer, stylist or curator? All together they each play an important part in the finished piece.

Through my art I connect with each object chosen. Finding they fire up my imagination, creating stories and visions in my head. My fascination since childhood with social history definitely plays a big part too. I spend hours meticulously curating and then arranging the objects upon a surface for each creation. The magical end result looks relaxed as if the viewer just stumbled across it or discovered it themselves.

My life is spent hunting out treasures which have obvious age, patina, foxing and I love repairs! In today's world where everything seems indispensable it seems difficult to imagine people repairing plates, scissors or socks! Somehow this makes objects more special. The fact that someone has sat with them in their hands taking time to repair their precious possession is a wonderful thought. If something is broken and then mended it seems even more beautiful to me.

Jo Allen - artist, designer and curator of curios.