A Curious Collector
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I have always looked upon the world through different eyes to others. Dust, imperfection and patina added to an objects mystery and made me curious from a small age.

My childhood was filled with daydreams and fascination for the voices from the past - as if I had entered this world for the second time. Grandmother taught me the art of treasure hunting and set me on my path. Being born into a home filled with art and antiques as my eye candy, museums felt like my second home.

My studies and career were in Visual Merchandising working in a huge London store. Here I learnt the art of displaying beauty, using balance and space.

After a creative pause to look after my three beloved children, I became fascinated with old photography techniques and the artists behind those first cameras. This has greatly inspired my art and I use as little photo manipulation possible within my images to keep each one honest and raw.

Rare Radish is a quirky, magical mystery tour taking the viewer to a wonderful world of make believe.

I guess the thread that links my whole life is haunting nostalgia, messages from the past and the belief that beauty is all around if you believe in magic.

Jo Allen - Artist, designer and curator of curios.