RARE bottles
Alan Clyde, Creative Art Director and Scenic Designer at Royal Opera House - "Your art is awe inspiring. Your work is different and creatively refreshing. It's not merely a display of random objects, a powerful patron is connecting them. Your creations are as delicate as they are dark and intriguing".

Paul Farnsworth, Set Designer - "Jo has a very distinctive artistic "voice" that draws the viewer in, and is so intriguing and playful".

Doe & Hope, Specialist in decorative, rare and unusual antiques - "Looking Kooky and well shot".

Ted Sandling, Author of 'London in Fragments' - "Jo Allen's work brings together a meticulous fascination with details and an immersive exploration of memories, cultural and, I suspect her own. Her pieces are both gorgeous and full of reference."

Studio 1897 - Fine Art Portrait Photography -"There are blessed people who preserve magic in them after they are no longer a child. Our lives are full of magical treasures, patiently waiting for our senses to be fully discovered, crying for this essence that is born within us. Jo Allen is one of those souls; the oil lantern that tenuously illuminates the unalterable darkness. Timeless.
Magic, believe in magic."

The Factory, Location and art studio - "Gothic Bo Peep - Jo Allen's style is recognisable regardless of the subject matter".

Nika Garrett, My London Tours - "Jo Allen creates unique art full of magic where past meets the present. There seems to be no limit to Jo's imagination and inspiration".

Sue Hampton, Author - "Sweetness mixed with a drop of gothic darkness".